Bloomington Peace Choir - for the Joy of Singing.

Our good friends at Bell Trace Senior Living Center have invited us to rehearse at their facility in the month of April.  So starting on April 1, for the month of April, we will be meet at Bell Trace in the community room.  800 N Bell Trace Circle.


Choirs are communities of people who love to sing in harmony. They create music together by learning how to listen and how to blend. Harmony is essential to world peace and only exists when we are willing to both honor our cultural, personal, and political differences and celebrate that which unites us all.


“I love to hear a choir. I love the humanity, to see the faces of real people devoting themselves to a piece of music. I like the teamwork.              It makes me feel optimistic about the human race when I see them cooperating like that.”     ~ Paul McCartney

"Oh my goodness was I ever thrilled and overflowing with love and joy last night.  I had chill bumps whenever we sang together as “One Voice”.  I am so excited about singing together again.  I can barely contain myself!!!"  - Barbara Fisher, Choir Member


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Who better to advocate for a peaceful world than a choir of people singing in harmony? We can consciously use the great gift of music to help bring the realization of peace and harmony to our world. The hunger for peace is deep. Music is a powerful force. Please join us to bring many voices together to sing for peace.

The Bloomington Peace Choir is a proud member of the Ubuntu Choirs Network - I am because you are.  I need you to be you so that I can be me.   Everyone is welcome.  We do not require auditions.   A true community choir, we welcome all voices, all skills. 

You only need to bring your love of singing, a willingness to learn and to share songs. 

We share in the leadership, value each member and nurture our organization. 

Songs from the world's traditions are explored, and music is presented using diverse learning approaches. 

Our good neighbors at Unity Church welcome us to use their facility each week for our rehearsals. 

Rehearsals are every Wednesday evening from 7:00-9:00 pm at Unity of Bloomington
4001 South Rogers, corner of Gordon Pike across from Batchelor Middle School (Click for directions)


For more information or to be involved in the Bloomington Peace Choir, contact us at bloomingtonpeacechoir at or 812-935-5065.

Please support our organization with a tax deductible contribution.  Our organization is 100% volunteer driven.

Bloomington Peace Choir, Inc.   P.O. Box 7562, Bloomington, IN  47407


The Bloomington Peace Choir thanks the City of Bloomington and the Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District for their continued support.